Midphase Hosting SUCKS!


Throughout my years designing and supporting web design clients, I have been through many hosting companies. Accuburst was the first and after a year they completely vanished into thin air. Host excellence has been pretty good to me as well as Host Gator. However, the majority of my clients are on MIDPHASE due to my recommendation. Their support is great and I have been with them for several years. However, it seems like they are trying to grow too fast from their humble beginnings. I noticed huge ad campaigns and extremely crazy sounding deals…which brings me to the point. They recently came out (for a short while) with an “UNLIIMTED PLAN” that included unlimited disk space, transfer, and hosted domains. This seemed too good to be true for $7.95 a month. Alas it was…I signed up 3 clients with them and they are all on the same server and the sites have been down over and over again…EVERDAY.

Today, it has been down for over 12 hours and counting. Speaking and emailing support has not helped. I’ve even requested the site to be moved to another server and it still hasn’t been initiated  when I was promised “immedidate” help.

They have this status blog http://status.midphase.com

and read the log that describes my situation! What morons. It does not take 12+ hours to replace a drive in a RAID setup.  I have requested them to move all 3 of my clients to other midphase servers…but after this incident they are not getting new business from me!

esc122.midphase.com :: Failed Drive

By Chris Place | October 16, 2008 @ 10:25 am

We are currently working to replace a failed drive in the RAID array of esc122.midphase.com. This is a fairly simple procedure, but it will take some time to correct. We will update this post as more information becomes available.

::Update 6:00pm CST:: The server is currently undergoing a FSCK ( file system check) to ensure the integrity of the data. Once this is complete all accounts will be brought back live.  Unfortunately we do not have a ETA for this process to complete.

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