Ultimate rules of wedding etiquette

Every person wants her wedding to be the most memorable event. So much so, that the wedding ceremony should remain etched into the mind of the guests for decades. Not all of us however have that kind of planning mindset and neither endless supply of money. To go searching for wedding planners is sure to expand your total budget as they don’t come cheap in the United States. So in between creating a total chaos at the most important event of your life and spending a fortune just at the preparations, what can an average woman do to improve the situation?

We can all agree that spending sleepless nights worrying about making unacceptable blunders on your big day would not help matters much. What you can do is ask your elders for advice and suggestions and if you are not the listening type and don’t like other people meddling in your business then you can always rely upon reading. We would not suggest you to read large volumes on the subject, as your wedding would be near, but we would surely ask you to go over as many blogs and websites as you can to be reminded of what to expect and more importantly, what not to expect on the big day.

Here are some tips that would cover up the basics of the Wedding etiquettes. The points described would be self-explanatory and concisely written to save your time and energy.

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Etiquette for the wedding hosts

  • Be fair: Invite everyone from your distant family and no one should be left out. If there is someone who is going to remind you for your entire life about how you did not invite them on your wedding are the distant aunts. Yes, they meddle too much, but on the bright side, they might bring some good gifts.


  • Better safe than sorry: Jot down the tasks to be done. It might mean running around the field with a notepad in your hand, but on the contrary, you will get everything done without forgetting anything major. If you think it is too much fuss to write everything down, let your young cousins do it. They are always eager to contribute in a wedding and can be dictated to write the tasks down.


  • A friend in need is a friend indeed: Assign tasks to your best friends, relatives and neighbors. They not only would be able to take some load off your shoulders, but having been close to you would understand your needs and wants better. They will also be more willing to help due to your importance to them.


  • Don’t leave any questions: Let your invitation cards be simple and explanatory. With the heap of tasks you do not want a big part of your invited guests to keep calling and asking you the exact time, the venue or the RSVP for the wedding.


  • Forewarned is forearmed: Ask your friends to keep patrolling the tables to report if they see anything amiss. Reach the trouble before it reaches you, with some luck you may be able to hush down an embarrassing situation and take control before anyone smells the fishy business.


  • Let the guests enjoy: Give your guests an option to bring along another person if they like. Even if there are too many guests for the host party to cover completely with respect to entertaining the people they have bought with themselves can do that job for you preventing your guests from getting bored.


  • That winning smile: Be good natured to your guests and provide them with tasty if simple refreshments. Don’t answer back to the people who want to spread negativity in your life, your energy would be far better consumed in enjoying your party.


  • Make it traditional: Don’t print the names of your guests but rather write it yourself. It makes the invitee feel you are special to them and you have put in an effort to remember and invite them.


  • Don’t forget yourself: Don’t miss out the four corners of your preparation; your clothes, makeup, Guests and food. As the last hope of the sinking ship, remember to not forget yourself amidst the worries of the preparations as long as the bride and groom look exquisite people may forget other less important incidents.

Etiquette for the wedding guests

Many of us in this modern era of socialization are quite unaware of what others expect from us especially on the events like marriage. If you are one those introvert group of people who unknowingly slack a bit when it comes to socializing here are some tips for you:

  • Respect the card: By respecting the card it does not mean you are not to tear it even after the wedding, but rather respect the timings given and arrive in time, respect the number of people invited and don’t take too many people along.
  • Responding to invitations: Whether you decide to go to the wedding you are invited to or not, you need to write the couple telling them you cannot make It. It not only saves their cost, allows them to have a good approximation on the number of guests but also lets them have the impression that you took out time to at least inform them about not being able to attend even if you can’t make it to the wedding.


  • Going uninvited: Don’t go to an uninvited wedding unless you receive a card. Although you would say that this tip is very obvious to all there are still many around us who consider their friends to be too close for such formalities such as invitation card.


  • Send gifts even if you can’t attend: Not attending is no excuse for not having to send your regards at least in the form of gifts. It makes the married couple feel that you have neither avoided them, nor ignored, but you are not there because of a genuine excuse and have sent a gift instead.


  • Don’t criticize: Even if you don’t like the bride’s dress or the food you eat it is extremely impolite to say it out aloud. It influences the opinion of those around you as well and hurts the hosts too.

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